Advantages Of A Chain Link Fence

If you think chain link fences are just for businesses, think again. A chain link fence can work well in a residential setting, especially if you are looking for a durable fence that keeps unwanted visitors out while providing a barrier that allows you to see through the fenced space. A chain link fence may be used to distinguish a property line, create a safe play space for children, protect your home, or keep pesky animals out of your backyard garden.

Chain Link Fences Are Low Maintenance

Chain link fences last for years because they are made of galvanized steel that resists rust and can stand up to harsh weather. Chain link fences can stand the test of time without cracking or decaying. All a chain link fence needs is a period spray-down with a hose or pressure washer to keep it looking good. It is easy to find the parts you need to repair a chain link fence by visiting a local hardware store.

Landscaping Can Enhance a Chain Link Fence

Many people prefer chain link fences because they can see through them, while others prefer to enhance the fences with natural elements that blend in with the environment. With a little creative landscaping, a chain link fence can be aesthetically pleasing. Shrubs or plantings along the fence can soften the fence, allowing it to fade into the background. Flowering vines planted along a chain link fence during the summer create a gorgeous backdrop for backyard activities.

Add Privacy with Slats and Screens

If you prefer a fence that will keep your property out of the sight of prying eyes, you will be happy to know that privacy slats can be installed in your chain link fence. The slats slip vertically between the links to form a privacy barrier. Another style of slat may be woven diagonally between slats for a different look.

Decorative screens that mimic foliage and climbing plants are also popular choices for improving the privacy of an area protected by a chain link fence. With all of these enhancements, a chain link fence might be the choice for those looking for a practical privacy solution.